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  • Not Giving Visitors a Good Reason to Donate

    Donors are motivated by emotion. A well-written story, image, video, or even statistic can do wonders in inspiring and engaging a potential donor. A study conducted by Yale University researchers found that providing data on a charity’s impact does not translate into more money and more gifts. In fact, the subjects of the study tended to give more when presented with an emotional story and no data at all!

  • Not Conveying How Their Money Helps

    Most folks and millennial's, in particular, place a high value on nonprofit transparency when deciding whether to donate and stay engaged. Keep in mind earning a donor's trust requires you to clearly display how you can help people and be fiscally responsible at the same time on your website.

  • Not Clearly Asking

    A Benchmark Study of Nonprofits found the average nonprofit main donation page conversion rate averaged only 15 percent. This says nonprofits were drawing people to their primary donation page and failing to "hook" 85 percent of their visitors. That's a lot of wasted opportunity!

  • Poor Web Design

    Many failed donation sites leave potential donors deciding not to give online because of the website’s design elements. Having a cluttered page, unclear copywriting, too many banners, confusing headlines and muddled color schemes, all make it difficult for potential givers to even find the donation button.

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    According to a Google study, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load and a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Yes, every second matters! And we saved around 1.2 to 2.5 seconds using Brotli compression over gzip compression.

  • DDoS, malware detection, and web application firewall (WAF).

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What the 2016 Nonprofit Benchmark Study Statistic Highlights
Should Tell You About Your Nonprofit Performance

on Mobile
Emails Sent
Emails Sent

For every $20,000 your Nonprofit receives online, $2,600 of it should come from mobile devices.

Your Nonprofit overall online revenue should have grown on average by 19% over the last year.

Nonprofit subscribers received an average of 49 emails in one year. That's 4 emails per month.

Monthly recurring giving accounts for 17% of all online revenue. We provide donors a recurring donation option.

Get the Secrets of the Top 25 Nonprofits

Find out how these Nonprofits receive the largest year-over-year growth in total dollars raised online in this Benchmark Report

We will email you a link to receive the FREE Benchmark Report. Check your inbox/spam for your link.

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How we help your Nonprofit

Consistency trumps plausibility. It changes our "we can't" to "what if." When stories are communicated effectively, the context sticks to our subconscious; we naturally remember the details. There is an immense benefit in transforming your Nonprofit into a storytelling organization conveying through imagery, color and testimony.

  • GET FREE Software and Advertising Grants

    We are connected to a lot of Nonprofit support resources. Apply for free email accounts, free advertising credit to use in online search ads, free and discounted software and so much more. Visit our support store to apply for resources.

  • We Help You Tell Your Story

    The key to connecting with donors, community support, and a deeper community understanding lies within your storytelling strategy. Explaining the true essence of your Nonprofit fosters the quickening of your mission and  elevated impact on your audience because people care more about why you do it, than what you do.

    We aren’t talking about “once upon a time” stories. Instead, we are talking about the importance of detailing your mission – your “why” – to your following. It’s one of the most important things you can do.

  • Engaging Site Design

    Your site design must directly engage your visitors by making them a character in your story. We do this by presenting your visitors the problem and showing them how they can participate in being a part of the solution conveyed through video, graphics, imagery and design flow. You can design your site on your own or we can give you a quote for our professional design service.

  • 30 Minutes of Site Design and Premium Support Monthly**

    Every Nonprofit PRO + account comes with $720 worth of custom site design service and premium support yearly. Use up to 30 minutes per month on requesting design help, content help, creating events for you, and more. (graphic design not included)

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Save time by choosing from hundreds of instant professional page design templates and our easy-to-use "PageBuilder" editor to change text and images; and go live in minutes.

Our Nonprofit Startup Services

We new Nonprofits get their internet communications presence started faster and help established Nonprofits streamline their visitor journey and assist in eliminating costly I.T. and web programmer expenses by providing full edit capability without the need for code using our PageBuilder. We also help Nonprofits qualify for FREE tools, grants and software.


Instant Website

Get Running in Minutes

Pick a template and go! Start customizing your site with our drag-and-drop PageBuilder and drag-and-drop forms builder. Quick and amazingly powerful.


Marketing Management

Creating Online Engagement

We help you apply for *Advertising Grants and offer assistance by managing a successful eMarketing campaign utilizing your grant money for you.
(*Service Fee Applies)


Free Core Services

Software and Grants

Apply for FREE Nonprofit Core Services like email accounts, software, and online advertising grants. *A one-time administration fee required.

Need a Consultation?

We can help provide your Board of Directors a simple and comprehensive outline of our service to get your Nonprofit receiving valuable donations and valuable FREE operantional tools and grants for advertising.
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